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Historic Redeemer Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod, Lubbock TX

Historic Redeemer Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod, Lubbock TX

Historic Redeemer Lutheran Church is located in the Heart of Lubbock Neighborhood. We are pleased to offer a traditional worship service to the praise and honor of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our service is based on liturgy that dates back more than 400 years. Our music includes a choir, hand-bells, praise team, and pipe organ. The building, including its traditional stained glass windows, was named an historic landmark by the City of Lubbock in 2010.

Our local community outreach to those in need includes Mosaic, Neighborhood House, LWML, and Lutheran Social Services.  Redeemer is pleased to present the Lutheran Hour Sunday mornings, 8:00 AM, on KFYO radio.

Please feel free to explore the website, and we would be blessed if the Lord puts it on your heart to come join us for worship.

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Worship Services:
Sunday mornings 9:30 am


The Adult Bible Class is now in the book of Kings:

First Kings begins with the death of King David (about 970 B.C.) and the reign of his son, Solomon, who “excelled all the kings of the earth in riches and in wisdom” (10:23).  Solomon’s unfaithfulness later in life set the stage for general apostasy among the people.  The harsh policies of his son Rehoboam led to the revolt of the northern tribes and the division of Israel.  The northern tribes would subsequently be called Israel, while the southern tribes would be called Judah.  First Kings describes the construction of the temple in Jerusalem and shows the importance of proper worship.  God’s faithfulness to His people is shown as He sent prophets, most notably Elijah, to warn them not to serve other gods.  The author of 1 Kings is unknown.